Lameness is a condition that can occur at any time, to a horse of any age or discipline, causing the animal's range of motion to be restricted and is the number one cause of performance related issues in equine athletes.

Lameness Exams

Motion Equine's Dr. Pedersen, identifies the source of pain that is creating lameness using a thorough and systematic approach that begins with studying your horse's movement. Examining your horse in hand, under tack or both, she assesses and identifies the area of injury.

A comprehensive physical exam is performed and where necessary additional diagnostic tests may be called for including nerve or joint blocks, digital ultrasounds, and/or digital radiographs.

Depending on the problem, Dr. Pedersen creates a customized rehabilitation program and treatment plan that helps restore your animal's mobility and performance as safely and quickly as possible, with regard to the best possible outcome for you and your horse.

Motion's Equine mobile veterinary practice is fully equipped with the diagnostic tools and treatment therapy technologies to assess and treat your animal's lameness issues at your home, stable or training facility.

Motion Equine offers the following Lameness Treatment Therapies:

Sports Medicine

Passionate about helping equine athletes maintain function and mobility for optimal performance and health, Dr. Pedersen's strong interest in Sports Medicine incorporates traditional and integrative medicine. She is a certified equine chiropractor and acupuncturist with experience working at Canada's top competition venues. She helps equine athletes maintain their full range of motion and lead, thriving and healthy lives.

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