Motion Equine provides performance evaluations for competitive horses. Unexplained changes in performance are very common sources of frustration for horse owners.

Evaluations consist of several stages. The horse is observed at rest and in motion, often under saddle, so that we can visualize the problem.

The priority when evaluating a performance problem is to accurately define the problem in as much detail as possible. A precise diagnosis allows us to recommend the best treatment for your horse. Your horse may require a chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture, or a traditional lameness exam. Where appropriate, nerve or joint blocks, using local anesthetic, are performed to localize the problem within a leg or legs.

Once localized, the affected area may be imaged in order to characterize the problem, identify injured structures and quantify the degree of injury.

Dr. Pedersen's critical eye helps riders make an informed decision about their horse, identifying existing and potential problems to reduce the risk of future injury and so health and athletic soundness may be maximized.

Pre-Purchase Examinations

Purchasing a horse is a large investment, in time, money and emotionally. Motion Equine's pre-purchase exams assess the condition of your prospective horse to identify existing or potential problems so that you can make a sound investment.

Physical Exam

Dr. Pedersen examines the physical condition of your prospective horse, assessing the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, body temperature, teeth, eyes, ears, and body, and palpates the limbs to detect areas of current or chronic injury. She also obtains a medical and competitive history of the animal.

Performance Exam

Watching the horse in motion is critical to assess and identify existing or potential injuries such as arthritic or inflamed joints. Dr. Pedersen will observe the horse's gait, soundness, and level of fitness, watching it move in a straight line, in circles and under tack. Performing flexion tests on the lower limbs, Dr. Pedersen will gently stress joints and then trot the horse to detect if there are any joint abnormalities.

Additional Tests

There are many other tests that Motion Equine can provide during a pre-purchase examination including ultrasounds, x-rays, urine and blood tests that will be recommended to you based on what is found and what the intended purpose of the purchase is. For example, if you are purchasing a horse for breeding purposes, certain reproductive tests like semen evaluations for stallions or rectal palpations for mares are recommended.

Motion Equine is a mobile veterinary practice with Dr. Pedersen coming to you to do on-farm, at-stable or at-training facility examinations. As an avid horse lover and rider herself, she has a keen interest in Sports Medicine and Integrative Care for equine athletes.

If you are considering purchasing a horse and would like to have an pre purchase exam completed, please contact us today.

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